For sale

Puppy dogs

       With short and long fur from excellent duality patente and exhibition awarded, with an excellent presuming for an exhibitions and for beány a stallion dogs.

       Father: Banto - Olbrzym z Galicji, the Champion Poland, the Champion of young dogs,mladých, the winner of club conpetition, Klubový víťaz, the European Champion 2002 and 2003,Európsky víťaz 2002 a 2003.
       Mother: Bety from Rubaničky, 2x BOB, 3x CACIB, 4x R-CACIB, 7x CAC, the Champion ZC and SK, the club winner 2003.
                    Daughter - Father: Hanibal vom Gessental, Inter Champion
                                         Mother: Delta from Demänovka, Champion SR a CZ, Grand Champion, Veteran Champ.,
                                                       2x BOB, 6x CACIB, 3x R-CACIB, 17x CAC, Víťaz plemena, Klubový víťaz 1996,1998,
                                                       2002, Národný víťaz ČR.

       Available in begin year 2010.

If you are interested, you can contact me a.s.a.p..

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