Dog breeding station "z Rubaničiek".

Kynology as my hobby.
At the age of 14 I and my friends started to be interested in kynology. My first dog was a German sheepdog, which I got from one of my fater´s friends. At that time, a German sheepdog, was the most popular breed. In 1967 we established a kynology club in Gbely. I´ve been a member of the club since that time. When I finished school I started a job which keep me busy. I didn´t have much time for my loving hobby. But it has changed after i built my own house and moved in.

Which dog to buy.
My family found out that our yard was very sad and empty without a dog, so we had to make a decision which dog to buy. We decided to have St. Bernard dog, because of its kindness, cuddlyness, playfulness and also its tolerance to the kids.
My first puppy dog.
In 1994 I got my first puppy dog. We had planned to buy a male one, but finally we bought a female one. I was so thrilled with her, that in 1997 I established my own dog breeding line "z Rubaničiek".


My present activities
Currently I put to my female dogs with an excellent line from Poland, called Olbrzym z Galicji. In the last 10 years of my breed experiences I have risen about 70 puppy gog. In 2004 I started to breed St. Bernard dog with a short fur. All of my dogs have excellent results at the exhibitions. They are placed in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Monte negro. I am a member of St. Bernard dog - Fan Club in Slovakia and advicer for dog breeding in the western part of Slovakia.

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